Excellent VPNs for Mac Users

While Apple’s laptop and PCs running on Mac OS are considered to be well-protected, it’s not entirely so. Hackers manage to hack these devices more and more often. That’s why adding another layer of protection to your online activities is always a great idea. One of the methods will be installing a VPN. In addition to protection, it comes with a whole bundle of advantages. Let’s find out what is so peculiar about VPNs and which providers work on Mac OS.

How can you benefit from a VPN on your MacBook?

In order to understand the essence of technology, you need to understand how things work when you go online. Whenever you visit a website, you send certain information to it and then get a response. It includes your IP address, which can also be tight to your home address and name, credit card data, etc.

When you turn on a VPN, you hide your real IP behind one of the provider’s servers. It will make you appear to browse from a different location, even country. Moreover, the real data that reaches the VPN’s server is encrypted lest it’s intercepted on its way.

This actually brings lots of possibilities:

  • Enhanced security,
  • Total anonymity,
  • Access to the content restricted in your region,
  • Torrenting,
  • Safe usage of public Wi-Fi spots,
  • Unlocking streaming apps, etc.

The best options you can get

If you wish to have all these advantages, you should get a reliable VPN provider. Let’s take a quick look at some of the best options on the market.

Discovering a variety of options, you are sure to come across ExpressVPN. This is one of the most popular choices for all sorts of devices and activities. A simple user-friendly interface and affordable pricing make it the top choice. The provider owns servers in over 94 countries which make it possible to unlock pretty much every website that is restricted due to location. It takes only one click to turn it on and you’ll automatically be connected to the fastest server. If you have something particular in mind, you can browse through the list of countries and connect to the server you need.

Another equally popular option is NordVPN. Its most popular feature, however, is the ability to unlock Netflix (far from all providers can keep up with this). The provider maintains over 5300 servers worldwide and delivers excellent speeds. Moreover, your data gets double encryption which totally secures your privacy whenever you go online. The company offers a 7-day free trial period. It’s more than enough to experience all the advantages for yourself and come to the right conclusion.

Finally, there is the Hotspot Shield. Very simple and convenient VPN offers its users access to over 2500 servers located in 25+ countries. A user-friendly interface makes it convenient even for beginners and inexperienced users. If you are tight on the budget, you can greatly benefit from its free extension on Google Chrome. Just add it to the browser in the corresponding section and enjoy your privacy. However, it’s very limited in the number of servers and options of countries.

The verdict

Since now you clearly see why you need a VPN, it’s high time to pick a trustworthy provider. Just think of what you need from this technology and make sure the company you choose can provide you with that.


Author: HavenBernhard

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