Is Bitdefender the Best Antivirus for Mac OS?

When choosing an antivirus, Bitdefender is probably the obvious choice. It’s one of the most popular and reliable antiviruses on the market. The company offers various sets of features and different annual plans. Every user can pick something suitable for his needs. Let’s discuss if it’s a great choice for Mac OS as well.

The most important features to help you make up your mind

The popularity of the program comes not only from the excellent core protection from malware but from a huge list of additional features that make this software very configurable. These possibilities are reflected in the price and if you wish to get the most from Bitdefender, Total Security should be your choice. It’s the fullest version that delivers everything this company has to offer. You are sure to get such features as:

  • A password manager,
  • Excellent core security,
  • Rescue mode,
  • A VPN,
  • Social network security,
  • Webcam security.

Although it’s obvious the company was busy developing extra features, it still stayed at the top by the level of protection. The results of the independent lab tests have shown excellent protection from all sorts of malware and online threats.

Pricing policy

Bitdefender is not only great at keeping your PC safe but is also one of the most affordable antivirus software on the market. The matter of price is relative and everybody has a certain idea of how much he is willing to spend on the antivirus. However, the yearly plan that starts at $2.92 per month is sure to satisfy even the users on a tight budget. Moreover, this plan can cover up to 10 devices simultaneously. You can secure all devices in your household buying only one subscription.

Other perks and advantages

In addition to the peculiarities discussed above, Bitdefender has a very simple and user-friendly interface. Its main window has Quick Actions feature that can take you to any feature within one click. Even an inexperienced user can intuitively navigate it. You can get auto settings and simply stick to them. However, if you are an experienced advanced user, you might want to change the settings to your preferences. The program is very configurable being perfect for both situations.

The support team is a separate topic. The company cares a lot about its reputation and does everything possible to secure high-quality services to every user. That’s why you can contact the support team in any convenient way:

  • Via live chat,
  • E-mail,
  • Phone.

In addition to these means, any user can browse through the enormous knowledge base. It’s full of articles on all possible issues and has lots of tips on how to set up certain configurations. You are sure to find some how-to videos, access forum, and basically find an easy solution to any question or problem.

The verdict

Even if you are a Mac user, your laptop or PC need extra protection. Bitdefender is arguably the best option on the market. It provides with you with tons of extra features that help you protect the data. You’ll also secure your safe online browsing using the extra tools. This software is said to be the best on the modern market and the regular updates keep it alert about the newly occurred threats, viruses, malware, etc. The rest of the features only add confidence and help you boost the work of your device.


Author: HavenBernhard

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