McAfee vs Avast – What Is Better in 2020?

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Date and device protection have become one of the essential security elements for every user. That’s why it’s very important to pick a reliable antivirus. This can become a confusing and time-consuming process. Let’s discuss McAfee vs Avast – what is better? We’ll go over some basic characteristics and find out more about the offered security measures.

A Brief Overview of Every Antivirus

Let’s start by defining the most important facts about each program.

McAfee peculiarities:

  1. The software offers full-featured protection.
  2. McAfee is very intuitive and user-friendly.
  3. The reliability is above average but not superb.
  4. This antivirus is rather costly.
  5. The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Avast peculiarities:

  1. The program is compatible with all modern platforms.
  2. A user benefits from different levels of malware protection.
  3. Excellent at detecting and blocking phishing sites.
  4. The software has a strong security plug-in for browsers.
  5. This antivirus introduced the new passive mode to use a few security products at the same time.

While they both seem reliable and trustworthy, the antivirus companies deliver benefits to every user. McAfee seems to be a bit better just because it impacts system performance less. Other than that, both secure your device and data on it.

Pricing Policy

In case you prefer to pick antivirus protection based on the price tag, McAfee is your perfect choice. Compared to Avast, the company offers more affordable plans.


If it’s important for you to have plenty of features in addition to core protection, you should review each product separately and discover the features you want more.

The set of extras greatly depends on the bundle you pick. Mind that McAfee doesn’t offer free services. A paid plan, however, includes plenty of useful things like True Key manager, facial recognition, a network manager, etc. The most luxurious plan also delivers a cloud storage space.

Avast, on the other hand, has a decent free version. This edition is generously packed with tools and features like Wi-Fi inspector, Game mode, password manager, etc. Premium plans deliver even more and offer technologies like Sandbox, Real Site, a VPN, and a personal firewall. There are plenty of related utilities included. Users get File Shredder, Cleanup Premium, etc. They maintain smooth performance and PC efficiency.

Both programs have organized the tools and features in simple, user-friendly interfaces. It’s easy to reach anything in a couple of clicks due to the intuitive designs.


When choosing an antivirus program, protection is one of the key factors. To discover the reliability of both McAfee and Avast, it’s better to turn to the results of the independent test labs. For example, AV-Test. Visit the official website to get full details and complete reports on the recent scans. To cut the story short, both of them did well but McAfee is a little bit better. The difference is not big, so you can get any of these two programs to protect the computer from all possible viruses, malware, and online threats.

Bottom Line

While both programs offer a lot to their users, McAfee is cheaper and has less impact. That’s why, in this comparison, it is a winner. Yet, Avast is a very good alternative worth considering.