PC Matic for Mac: The Truth You will Need

PC Matic for Mac: The Truth You will Need - Post Thumbnail

Just like human beings, computers and other smart devices can get sick. Moreover, the consequences of malware attack are irreversible: malicious software deletes useful files, steals personal data, and reduces the computer’s performance. Simply put, you can get in trouble easily. But how to avoid any security problems?

It is always a good idea to install some security suites on your computer and other gadgets to protect them from any threats. In our opinion, PC Matic for Mac is one of the best choices. Why? The short answer is because we just love it. This antivirus product offers top-quality protection against various threats on the net and, furthermore, it is able to support not one but five devices.

PC Matic for Mac is immeasurably more than an ordinary antivirus solution. This security product seems to be a bunch of useful tools for both boosting overall performance and antivirus capabilities.

In this review, we are going to evaluate PC Matic’s major features, its price, and tools as well as advantages and disadvantages. At the end of the article, we are going to decide whether this purchase is worth its money or not.

Strengths of PC Matic Antivirus


The top priority of any antivirus is security. To boost the protective capacities, many companies constantly improve their scanning engines, collecting all detected threats on the blacklist.

PC Matic doesn’t need blacklists, as it uses another approach called whitelisting. The antivirus program allows only secure and trusted programs to work on your PC. In other words, it means that other applications, sites, and even files will be automatically blocked. Such strict control is intended to save your PC from potentially hazardous and unwanted software. 

Great overall protection

In addition to this not so common whitelisting technology, PC Matic for Mac offers other wonderful options:

  1. RDP Port Controls.
  2. Fileless Script Block.

These tools stop the suspicious scripts and also help to hamper brute-force attacks.  

Optimization highlights

PC Matic Antivirus goes above and beyond what is required as it also includes a huge set of optimization tools, hidden inside. In addition to antivirus protection, PC Matic improves the performance of your PC. Here is what PC Matric for Mac can do:

  1. Improve the speed and quality of your Internet connection.
  2. Optimize SSD performance.
  3. Perform disk defragmentation.
  4. Update drivers.
  5. Delete the unnecessary files and clear cache to free more space.


While many antivirus solutions scan the computer to catch specific viruses, PC Matic offers the full scan, also evaluating the system performance. First of all, it starts a quick scan to discover potential concerns. Then, the full scan inspects all the aspects of overall performance as long as security. To summarize its examination, PC Matic creates detailed reports. 

Weaknesses of PC Matic Antivirus

Annoying false alerts

Although the whitelisting approach seems to be extremely effective, it is bombarding the customers with numerous false alarms. In the case of PC Matic for Mac, the number of blocked but safe programs is higher than average. This is one of the most disappointing features of this product. Is there a solution? Yes, but you need to approve every safe program on your own.

It can make apps start slower than usual

Generally, PC Matic for Mac does not reduce the overall performance but it can increase the time some applications need to start. It’s particularly true for computers. Why does it happen? PC Matic has to find out if this app is on the whitelist or no. Yes, it takes loads of time and no, you can’t change the algorithms.

Pricing policy

There are two pricing choices on the PC Matic website. If you want to purchase a yearlong package, it costs just $50 a year. There is a lifetime package for real fans, and you can buy it for $150 at a discount. Anyway, it is affordable and worth every penny.


Overall, PC Matic for Mac is a good choice to feel safe as it defends your PC from the most common malware issues on the web. However, PC Matic still blocks nonhazardous programs regularly. That is the most significant soft spot of this product.