The Algorithm of Choosing Antivirus for Windows 10

The market of antivirus software is very rich in options. Users can now choose from dozens of leading companies and get exactly what they want. This competition also makes all companies compete for the clients delivering the best deals. Yet, it’s not always easy to decide which antivirus you can trust with your PC and data. Let’s focus on how to pick the protection for Windows 10 and discuss the leaders on the market.

The most important thing you need to start with

When you start looking for antivirus software, you need to define for yourself which kind of program you want. There are 2 basic groups that differentiate free and paid software. As soon as you establish this, you’ll face 2 other groups. Here you’ll have to make up your mind about the features. You can either get the core protection which is simple and reliable for all sorts of malware and viruses. The other option is to pick the antivirus with some extra features like disk cleaner, firewall, password manager, browsing tools, etc. Once you establish these factors, you’ll know what you are looking for.

The best antivirus for your PC

When your PC or laptop runs on Windows 10, it’s essential to install antivirus software. This will help you protect not only hardware but also all the data stored on it. Numerous new threats appear daily and your task is to pick a program that will detect even the unnamed threats. In order to make better choices, you can compare the results of the independent lab tests.

Aside from absolute core protection, you need to take into account the price. This factor is rather personal and very relative. Think of the sum you are willing to pay for antivirus protection and narrow down the list of options. Before you pay anything, it’s a good idea to get a free trial period. As a rule, it’s 30 days. It’s more than enough to test the capabilities of the software, its extra features, and the level of protection.

Other factors that need to be included are:

  • The work of customer support. Even if you end up never using it, it’s reassuring to know you can solve any occurring issue fast and effectively.
  • The number of devices one subscription can cover. If you have several devices in your household that need antivirus protection, it’ll be wise to get the plan that supports up to 5-10 devices simultaneously.
  • The performance. Some software slows down the work of your PC. Pick only reliable options that don’t influence how fast your computer can work.

You can also have your own expectations which need to be accounted for. Make a list of things you need from the program and double check that your choice can secure all that.

Top antivirus companies on the market

If you are still confused about which antivirus to pick, you can go with any of the top 3 choices: Bitdefender, Kaspersky, and Norton. Any of those will guarantee excellent protection from all sorts of malware, viruses, threats, phishing sites, etc.

Bitdefender Plus will work best on Windows 10. The outstanding performance and a huge selection of extra features make it very configurable and convenient. Norton is always the leader in detecting the latest malware threats. Kaspersky Antivirus keeps getting 100% in all independent tests.


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