USB Heated Blanket for Staying Warm in Winter

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There are plenty of kinds of blankets. The long list includes under-blankets, over-blankets, throws, duvets, etc. This list is now getting even bigger due to the new category, electric blankets.

Modern technologies do not only bring us new smartphones and better imaging. It also introduces a new cost-effective way to stay warm in winter. One can simply use a USB heated blanket. This is a perfect addition to hot cocoa, a fireplace, and Netflix movies. Let’s get to know more about this kind of blankets and why you should get one.

A brief overview

First of all, an electric blanket is very convenient. It keeps you warm and comfortable without the need to adjust the thermostat and pay twice the price for heating the whole house.

Secondly, it’s very affordable. An average USB heated blanket costs about $60. For instance, a reversible Sherpa/mink throw blanket costs that much. In most cases, the USB heated blanket is plush or velour and very soft. Although it seems very thin, it can be warmer than the thickest regular blanket you’ve got. And several times more convenient.

Finally, a user can use the USB plug to turn it on by connecting the blanker to a desktop or a laptop. To control the temperature, a user often gets two USB cables. When attaching one, the level of heat is low. Connecting both of them switches on the second level, high. Very often manufacturers describe the heat output as equal to a cat or a dog.

Where can one use a USB heated blanket?

Depending on the size and needs, people can find such throws as a perfect way to get warmer in offices without heaters. It’s a great way to stay warm in the morning or watch TV in the evening.

What’s more, one can use a USB heated blanket to stay warm anywhere as long as there is a USB port. For instance, in the car or even power banks.

The electric blanket is very simple. Just plug the USB in the device you’ve got and it’s on. Unplug the cable to turn it off. However, such instruction may differ based on the manufacturer.

Such interesting gadgets were created to work with the human body. It doesn’t radiate heat if you just turn it on and leave on the table. Some blankets come with buttons to let you put the blanket on your shoulders. This way it’ll be fixed and stay on the body without slipping during movements.

The verdict

The USB heated blanket is an affordable and convenient way to stay warm during cold weather or in cold rooms. It’s very safe as long as you don’t neglect instructions. What’s more, the heated blanket doesn’t work as a heater, meaning the output of heat is not that big.

People buy such gadgets for different reasons. In the long run, these blankets save you money. Anyone can pick a suitable model, size, and color. What’s more, manufacturers offer a wide range of prices to fit any budget.